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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

The role of apolipoprotein M in the anti-atherosclerosis process of simvastatin

Objective: To study the mechanism of apolipoprotein M (Apo M) in the anti-atherosclerosis process of Simvastatin.

Methods: New Zealand white rabbit were used to obtain arteriosclerosis model, and divided into simvastatin group, control group and Sham group. High-fat diet was given for 20 weeks, the wall structure of rabbit carotid arterial and the middle thickness and plaque size number were observed. And calculate the correction plaque area (cross-sectional area of plaque area/arterial lumen), and further measured intimal proliferation degree. The level of Apo M was detected in the treatment of the expression level of middle and late.

Results: There was significant difference between the simvastatin group and the control group in the anti-atherosclerosis process. Besides, the correction area of plaque, inner membrane and middle membrane area were checked and found statistically significant when compared with controlled group. The content of Apo M was increased with the treatment progress. At the same time, the content of MDA was decreased significantly.

Conclusion: The artery plaque was serious in the control group; the middle membrane hyperplasia was in disorder, the number of collagen fiber was much more than before, elastic fiber was fewer. However, the carotid artery intima was still complete, no artery plaque, smooth muscle in middle membrane, elastic fiber rich was rich, and intima-media membrane area was close to normal level.

Author(s): Liyun Liu, Shunhui Li, Youliang Yan, Qiangzhen Xiong

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