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Abstract - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

The Multidisciplinary Approach To The Patients With Antiphospholipid Syndrome

 This is the report of Serbian cohort of APS patients. Our study comprises a total of 608 patients: 420 primary APS (PAPS) patients and 188 SLE patients with secondary APS (SAPS). aPL analysis included detection of aCL, aß2GPI, and LA. Pseudoinfective endocardits was observed in 12.8% secondary APS patients and 3.1% in primary APS patients (p=0.004). 30% of the patients with high levels of aCL IgG antibodies had valve thickening and dysfunction, as compared to 4.1% without valve abnormalities (p=0.002). We discovered significant connection between migraine and LA absence, livedo reticularis and aCL-IgG positively, skin ulcerations with aCL-IgG and anti-β2GPI-IgM, pseudovasculitis lesions with aCL-IgG, aCLIgM and anti-β2GPI-IgM and thrombocytopenia with aCL-IgM, aCL-IgG and anti-β2GPI-IgG. In PAPS, epilepsy correlated with ß2GPI-IgM, migraine with aCL-IgM, thrombocytopenia with aCL-IgM, aCL-IgG, anti ß2GPI-IgG and LA. Livedo reticularis was more prominent in PAPS with high levels of aCL-IgG. Epilepsy was related to high levels of anti ß2GPI-IgM.Skin ulcerations were more prevalent in aCL-IgM positive SAPS patients and epilepsy more frequently had high levels of anti ß2GPI-IgG in SAPS. Biography: Ljudmila Stojanovich received her Ph.D. in Medicine in 1999. She is the scientific director in the Bezhanijska Kosa, University Medical Center of Belgrade University. She is an author of three monographs and of about 250 articles on various aspects of Autoimmune Rheumatic disorders. She is in Editorial Boards (LUPUS /LONDON). She is a member of number International Project and member of the Steering Committee of the “EULAR recommendations for the prevention and management of adult antiphospholipid syndrome”. 

Author(s): Ljudmila Stojanovich,

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