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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 3

The morfometrical and morphological analysis of the acromion with Multidetector Computerized Tomography.

Subacromial compression is a clinical condition which appears due to compression of supraspinatus tendon in the subacromial space and causes severe shoulder pain. If subacromial compressions are not treated, this results with rotator cuff ruptures. One of the most important factors for appearance of subacromial compression syndrome and rotaror cuff ruptures is the morphology of acromion. We planned this study as our data would help for differential diagnosis and orthopedics during surgical treatment. This study was conducted on 73 patients (30 females-43 males). For morphometric assessment of the acromion, acromion width (AW), acromion length (AL) and the distance between the acromion and coracoid process (A-CP) were measured. We found in 55 (37%) subjects with flat acromion which is known as Type I, in 71 (48.7%) subjects with curved acromion which is known Type II and in 20 (13.7%) subjects with hooked acromion which is known as Type III. To know anatomic details and variations of the region is important for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, we think that our study is useful for creation of statistical and reference information of Turkish community.

Author(s): Musa ACAR, Tuba ??M?EK, Mahinur ULUSOY, ?smail ZARARSIZ, Serpil ACAR, Duran EFE

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