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Mini Review - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2023) Volume 6, Issue 3

The Mediterranean diet and its positive lifestyle effects on people with asthma: A quick literature review

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease with a rising prevalence worldwide. It is characterized by symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness. Environmental factors, such as an urbanization, air pollution, and lifestyle are believed to contribute to the increasing prevalence of asthma. The Mediterranean Diet profile focuses on whole grains, good fats (fish, olive oil, nuts etc.), vegetables, fruits, fish, and very low consumption of any non-fish meat. Along with food, The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes the need to spend time eating with family and physical activity. So, it represents not only a dietary pattern but also a lifestyle. It is scientifically accepted that the Mediterranean diet is protective against chronic and inflammatory diseases. The Mediterranean diet is a plant-based diet with high antioxidant content. The primary source of fat is olive oil, and the diet is low in saturated fat. Additionally, the Mediterranean Diet is also recommended for asthma patients due to its potential positive effects on weight control. This literature review describes the positive effect of the Mediterranean Diet on improving asthma symptoms while highlighting various healthy lifestyle benefits for people with asthma.

Author(s): Dilara Nur Kaplan*, Hamdia Yousif Issa, Zeliha Selamoglu

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