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Research Article - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

The law of the field crop performance productivity.

Agricultural crops are plant communities; this is why the weed control management and other theoretical foundations for the productive agricultural crops formation together with practical decisions must be based on the natural laws of those communities. For this purpose it is possible to apply the original agricultural crop stand (cultural plant and weed communities) productivity law. This law can be defined as follows: Productivity of the whole typical agricultural field plant community, including the overall mass of crop plants and weeds growing on a par conditions, is relatively constant. In the most general form, this phenomenon can be described by the following equation:

A=Y+Xb or Y=A-Xb

Where A is the productivity of the whole community or possible maximum cultural crop yield; Y signifies the cultural plants yield in existing weed conditions; X is the weed mass, b is the yield depression rate, indicating the yield rise degree when the weed mass in the crops is changing by one unit. The Law of Crop Performance is universal and manifests itself everywhere, in all agricultural crops in the world where the crop weed mass changes without any damage to crop plants. According to this law all preventive, physical, chemical, biological and other means of weed control affect the crop yield by the extent to which they decrease the mass of weeds. In the future the field crop community productivity Law will become the basic theoretical object of soil tillage scientific studies. In the near future on the basis of their data smart agricultural technologies and machinery will be created.

Author(s): Petras Lazauskas

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