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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 4

The increment of mean platelet volume in early stages of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Objective: Mean platelet volume (MPV) level is known to increase in diabetes mellitus (DM), and prediabetes. In this study the first aim was to compare MPV levels of individuals with normal glucose tolerance (NGT) and individuals with prediabetes or DM. The second aim was to identify whether the initial lower limit value of impaired fasting glucose (IFG) being 100 mg/dl or 110 mg/dl had any impact on MPV values.

Methods: Five hundred and six individuals included in the study were divided into 7 groups according to oral glucose tolerance test results and their MPV values were examined. Group 1 was the NGT group. The IFG group was divided into two groups with one group having fasting plasma glucose (FPG) of 100-109 mg/dl and the other a FPG of 110-125 mg/dl. Group 4 was the impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) group. The IFG and IGT combination group was divided into two with a FPG of 100-109 mg/dl and a FPG of 110-125 mg/dl. Finally, group seven was the DM group.

Results: MPV values of the NGT group were significantly lower compared to all other groups (p<0.001). When MPV values of all the groups except NGT were examined, no statistical difference was found (p>0.05). In IGT group a positive correlation existed between MPV and 2 h-PG (p<0.05, r=309) and between MPV and hemoglobinA1c (p<0.05, r=463).

Conclusion: Both the DM and prediabetes group had higher MPV values compared to the NGT group. Individuals with FPG values between 100-109 mg/dl have higher MPV values than NGT. If a high MPV level is detected in individuals with a FPG of lower than 110 mg/dl, OGTT should be planned in terms of the development of DM.

Author(s): Huseyin Kurt, Davut Demirkiran, Yasin Sari, Omer Toprak, Hayrettin Kara, Burcu Caner

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