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Original Article - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

The importance of quality protein food in the treatment of fractures of tibia.

The aim of the study is to analyze the reasons for the significant increase in terms of fixation of bone fragments when transferring patients to outpatient treatment. In 512 patients with closed fractures of the bones of the lower leg during Ilizarov's treatment under stationary conditions, the period of fixation of fragments was 59 ± 0.4 days, which is 42% less than in outpatient treatment (64 people). In both groups, the microscopic mobility of bone fragments was determined tensometrically in patients with limb functional loading. With the help of the SF-36 test, the quality of life was examined, and the state of autoregulation of the centers of the brain was assessed in terms of the range of changes in the rate of blood flow along the middle cerebral arteries in cases of muscle grasping. Discovered that the combination of medical and functional rehabilitation during the transition to outpatient mode with 3-weeks of treatment in patients of mature age reduced quality of life and increases the duration of the period of fixation of the bone, impairs auto-regulation of cerebral blood flow in functional muscle test.

Author(s): Schurov VA and Schurov IV

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