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Research Article - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

The impact of using social network sites on entrepreneurial project success

The objective of this study is to determine the extent to which social network sites influence the entrepreneurial project success in Jordan. To achieve this goal, the study took into consideration the following independent variables: Social Network Sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, the study investigated demographic factors (gender, age and education) to determine if they influence the independent variables. Since LinkedIn was the variable which impacted the success of entrepreneurial project success most, it is recommended that entrepreneurs in Jordan focus on this platform in order to create business opportunities. Moreover, companies that sponsor entrepreneurs should provide training sessions in terms of social network sites, with more interest given to LinkedIn. In light of the results, the study recommends that the research should take into consideration the impact that social network sites have on less developed cities in Jordan. Finally, the size of an entrepreneur's social circle should be specified in order to make deductions as to whether the success derived from social network sites had been influenced by a person's social status or not.

Author(s): Kakish I, Al-Haddad S

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