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Research Article - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

The holistic being of parents having a psychologically challenged child: an analysis

Mental retardation is a subnormal intellectual development as a result of congenital causes, brain injury, or disease and characterized by any of various cognitive deficiencies, including impaired learning, social and vocational disability. It is now termed as mentally challenged, psychologically challenged or intellectual disability in order to preserve the dignity of the individual. On this research study, the researcher aims to show the holistic being of parents having a mentally retarded child. Thirty parents having a psychologically challenged child studying in Legarda Elementary School were the respondents of the study. The respondents were given thirty minutes to answer the Likert scale questionnaire categorized according to the components of holism and subcategorized according to Gordon’s functional health patterns. The result showed that there is no significant difference on the holistic being according to the demographic profile of the parents. The results showed that there is no negative effect of having a
Author(s): Jumar Talento Ubalde

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