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Editorial - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

The global microbiology & bacterial culture for industrial -Research Scope of Bacteriology

 The global microbiology & bacterial culture for industrial (food, water, bioenergy) testing market size was estimated at USD 3.38 billion in 2016. Significant worldwide rise in burden of food-borne illnesses has served as a driving force for the plethora of microbiology researches carried out in recent times. Ongoing development in microbiology due to advancements in biotechnological research, which are aimed at investigating the role of microbes in disease pathogenesis, is one of the crucial factors impelling the growth. Moreover, growing usage of bacterial cell culture in animal feed testing to prevent microbial contamination is expected to have a positive impact on the industry progress. Field of microbiology research has many key aspects that ensure population safety and product quality. Pure bacterium culture is recognized as an essential tool for investigating virulence factors, antibiotic susceptibility, and genome sequence of microbes to understand their role in infection and food-borne diseases. Researchers are continually investi

Author(s): Pallavi N

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