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Review Article - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2023) Volume 6, Issue 10

The Food Wastage among Mauritian Households.

Food waste is a global issue; however, there is limited data on food waste in Mauritius. The study was undertaken using a questionnaire survey to assess whether any socio-demographic factors of Mauritian households or consumer’s food-related behaviours influenced the quantity of edible food discarded as well as to gauge respondents’ attitudes towards household food waste. Our findings showed that 50 % of the respondents reported wasting less than 500 g of food per week. A higher household income and having more members in the family resulted in more food being wasted (p< 0.05). Our data also highlighted that consumers were more attracted to food discount offers, using food store and having excellent food storage knowledge decreased the volume of food waste. Increasing monthly food expenditure, recurrent food shopping and cooking made people waste more food. Showing a higher concern by the respondents towards food waste resulted in more endeavour to adopt food waste reducing practices in their houses. Being angry about food waste could represent a negative emotion to keep waste reducing practices in line and feeling guilty can be a moral norm to waste less food in households.

Author(s): A H Subratty, J Jugmohun

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