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Short Communication - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

The fermented food helpful and protects us for a various disease.

Matured food sources have been a piece of human eating routine for very nearly 10,000 years, and their degree of variety in the 21st century is significant. The medical advantages of matured food varieties have been seriously explored; recognizable proof of bioactive peptides and microbial metabolites in aged food varieties that can decidedly influence human wellbeing has solidified this interest. Each matured food normally has an unmistakable populace of microorganisms. Once ingested, supplements and microorganisms from matured food varieties might get by to connect with the stomach microbiome, which can now be settled at the species and strain level by metagenomics. Transient or long haul colonization of the stomach by aged food strains or effects of matured food varieties on native stomach microorganisms cannot set in stone. This survey considers the essential food aging pathways and microorganisms included, the potential medical advantages, and the capacity of these staples to affect the stomach microbiome once ingested either through intensifies delivered during the maturation cycle or through collaborations with microorganisms from the aged food that are equipped for making due in the gastro-digestive travel.

Author(s): Noor Banu*

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