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Abstract - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

The Evaluation of Interior Design Elements in Nature Interpretation Centre

Interior design is the study of spaces, and spatial experiences at the scale of intimate human experience also operate at the intersect between architecture and industrial design. The interior environment should be started during the design process rather than added after the design finished. Unfortunately, thus far, relative lack of research has focussed explicitly on the role of the physical environment of visitor centres, and the impact of interior and external setting design likewise lack research about media impact on people interaction. Therefore, this study aims to identify the best design elements in interpretation according to visitors perspectives. Two objectives are leading in this study: i) to determine the type of interior physical setting in the interpretation centre, ii) to identify the criteria fulfil the interpretive design element in interpretation centre. This study was conducted at the Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) Taman Wetland Presint 13, Putrajaya. Based on analysis shows that the particular factor needs a significant change for both elements, interior design physical setting, and interpretive design. There is successful physical setting design such as ventilation, incorporation with nature, texture and universal design and the other which is so critical is the failure function of notices and signage. The interpretive design is symbolic or abstract modality need a new transformation because the management has no initiative to update the latest version of a design. NIC Taman Wetland should offer the latest application on technology and design to build an attractive interpretation centre. The interior design industry has focused on research based-design as a license to sustain the profession, expand a body of knowledge, and increase professional attribution Spaces and spatial experiences at the scale of intimate human experience have been studying in interior design. Interior design functioning at the intersection between architecture and industrial design. The improvement of the environment through design, develop aesthetics, functionality, and productivity. Design a centre; the interior design must be considered, as a solution for interior movement in layout space. Author(s): Mr. Suzila Selamat

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