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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 3

The effects of gender, unhealthy lifestyle and ALDH2 mutations on patients diagnosed with coronary artery diseases

Background: The potential associations between gender, lifestyles (only smoking and drinking habits considered), ALDH2 genotypes and Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) have been sparingly reported. However, these previous researches did not provide a panoramic view on the inherent relationship between these negative factors and CAD.

Methods: Initially, 800 CAD patients and 247 healthy people were involved in this study. All the female patients involved, who formed group 1, had no smoking or drinking history. And the male patients were divided into three groups (Group 2 ~ 4): Group 2 without smoking or drinking habits, Group 3 with only smoking habits and Group 4 bearing both smoking and drinking habits.

Results: Based on the comparison between Group 2 and other groups, it was found that: first, the female patients suffered from significantly different symptoms of dyslipidaemia; second, it is obvious that patients bearing more bad habits were found more possible to get hyper TG. The frequencies of ALDH2 mutant genotypes in Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 were higher than that of the healthy subjects. Also, it was found that subjects with the mutant genotypes suffered from hypo HDL-C more commonly, but hypertension was less prevalent among them, compared with patients taking wild genotype of ALDH2.

Conclusion: Gender, unhealthy lifestyle and ALDH2 mutations all had significantly effects on the progress of CAD by affecting the prevalence of dyslipidaemia or/and hypertension. The results of this research will help the treatment of CAD.

Author(s): Qiao-Yan Li, Song-Tao An, Ning-Min Zhao, Hong-Fei Duan, Yong-Cheng Ma, Wei Zhang, Yu-Hua Qin, Hong-Wei Zhao

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