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Research Article - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

The current statues of the black crowne crane (Balearica Pavonina Ceciliae ) in central Darfur state.

This study was conducted in Zalingei area in the year of 2021, to identify the current status of the Black Crown-crane. The statistical analytical method was used. The results showed that 97.8% of the respondents had seen a Crowne crane and 12.2% of them were not see the Crowne crane, while 2.2% had neither seen nor known the Crowne crane. 70.4% of the observed birds were large birds leads their young’s, although the observation of young represented 21.3% and the adults 6.0% and 68.4% of them have not seen their nests, while 16.4% out of them seen the nests. The nests were built in the rainy season, while no observation in the other seasons. The study was recommended that: Addition studies in the field of Crowne crane habitats and breeding status will be done. More concern and protection to Crowne crane in the Sudan at all and Darfur especially will be Important.

Author(s): Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed Korssi*

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