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Perspective - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 2

Telencephalic and related brainstem structures in birds depends on imperfect presumptions of homology to vertebrates.

Specifically, the obsolete phrasing infers that the vast majority of the avian telencephalon is a hypertrophied basal ganglia, when it is presently evident that a large portion of the avian telencephalon is neurochemically, hodologically, and practically tantamount to the mammalian neocortex, claustrum, and pallial amygdala (all of which get from the pallial area of the creating telencephalon). Perceiving that this advances misconception of the utilitarian association of avian cerebrums and their transformative relationship to mammalian minds, avian cerebrum experts started conversations to redress this issue, coming full circle in the Avian Brain Nomenclature Forum held at Duke University in July 2002, which endorsed another wording for avian telencephalon and some unified brainstem cell gatherings. Subtleties of this new wording are introduced here, similar to reasoning for each name change and proof for any homologies suggested by the new names.

Author(s): Bin Aiguo*

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