Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology

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Research Article - Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles: Photocatalysis and Computational Catalysis in Synergy

 Small ring heterocycles form the structural basis of almost all pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and materials. These are among the most important building blocks for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. My presentation will provide an overview of our recent efforts towards development of visible-light-mediated photoredox catalysis, which provides a powerful platform for the divergent assembly of poly-functionalized bioactive nitrogen heterocycles and late-stage modification of blockbuster drug molecules such as enoxolone (anti-ulcer), oleanoic acid (hepatoprotective), gemfibrozil (lipid lowering drug), rimantadine (anti-viral), mexiletine (anti-arrythmic), phenylbutazone (veterinary NSAID), drospirenone intermediate (oral contraceptive), avobenzone (sunscreen) and complex bioactive ergot compounds such as thevinone, nicergoline and metergoline. In addition to this, we have successfully applied our photoinduced catalysis to an efficient vinylation and allylation of electrophilic radicals, C–C and C–H bond cleavage cascades and remote functionalizations of amides and amines. Moreover, an effective synergistic role of computational catalysis in photocatalysis will be concisely presented.

Author(s): Nadeem Sadiq Sheikh

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