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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2022) Volume 6, Issue 3

Success of pulp capping in maxillary molars in adult patients- a retrospective study in an institutional setup.

Aim: of this retrospective study was to evaluate the success rate of pulp-capping in maxillary molars in adult patients. Materials and Methods: Over a period of two years a total of 207 adult patients underwent pulp capping in the maxillary molars. Data was collected from dental college patient management software, it was tabulated in excel and then imported to SPSS software for statistical analysis and chi-square test was done to check for statistical significance. Results: It was that there was a statistically significant association between success of pulp capping and age (p value=0.000) and the tooth number (p value=0.003).There was no significant association between gender and success rate of pulp capping(p value=0.683) and also no significant association was found between the type of pulp capping and the success rate(p value=0.655). Conclusion: Patients with <45 yrs showed successful results for pulp capping procedures. Permanent molars showed promising results for both the pulp capping techniques (Direct and indirect pulp capping) in both the genders.

Author(s): Anubhav Das, Pradeep S*

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