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- Biomedical Research (2013) Volume 24, Issue 4

Study on the plasma protein joint diagnostic value of coronary heart disease with unstable angina blood stasis.

Value of Apolipoprotein A I (ApoA-I), α1-antitrypsin (α1-AT), actin α (ACTα), fibronectin (FN), haptoglobin (Hp) on the early diagnosis of coronary heart disease (CHD) with unstable angina (UA) blood stasis syndrome was investigated. Severe screening of 30 every cases of plasma samples with qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome, phlegm and blood stasis syndrome, by western-blot analysis to detect 5 protein expression levels; Logistic regression analysis to analyze the diagnostic accuracy of plasma proteins combination. Detected five features of protein in the two type of CHD, and ApoA-I expression were declined, lower than the control group of healthy people; four proteins expression were significantly higher. By correlation analysis, ApoA-I is positively correlated with HDL and high negative with MCHC; α1- AT is negatively related to MCH; FN and TT are positively correlated; HP and LDL are positively correlated; ACTα and glucose are positively related. α1-AT, FN, HP, ACTα and healthy people are positively related, except ApoA-I. The diagnostic model composed of five proteins is specific. Combination of the characteristic of this protein group may become a new biomarker in the clinical diagnosis.

Author(s): Hua Xie, Kuo Gao, Jianxin Chen,Huihui Zhao, Saxena, AK and Wei Wang1

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