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Research Paper - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Stress distribution and displacement of maxilla in micro-implant assisted rapid palatal expansion: A comparative three dimensional finite element analysis

Aims & Objective This study was to analyze and compare, stress distribution and displacement of fused maxilla and circumaxillary structures between two different micro-screw assisted rapid palatal expanders (MARPE) using Finite Element Method. Materials & Methods Two different sizes of microscrew implants were used in our study. In Type 1?2 ? 10mm (Orlus implant, Ortholution, Korea ) microscrew implants was used with expansion screw and connected to the expander via INSERTION slot. In Type 2?2 ? 12mm (Orlus implant, Ortholution, Korea) micro-screw implants used with expander. Activation were done transversely for 0.25mm. Geometric non-linear theory was applied to evaluate Von-Mises stress distribution and displacement. Results The stress and strain distribution from forces applied to the circumaxillary sutures, mainly along the suture showed Type 1 had more stress and strain distribution than Type 2. In addition, Type 2 showed more amount of displacement in the midpalatal sutural region. Conclusion In conclusion, Type 2 can offer better and further skeletal expansion with increased fracture resistance and stability than Type 1.


Author(s): Rajesh Murugan, Gnana Shanmugham, Saravanan B, Kannan MS, Nithya Murugan

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