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Review Article - Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2023) Volume 6, Issue 2

statistical analysis on the regulation of blood pressure

Background: Hypertension is one of the most common diseases in the current era. With the increase in life pressures, the number of people with high blood pressure is constantly increasing. Multiple types of medical drugs are used to treat high blood pressure, but despite their use in treatment, they have many side effects, so with the beginning of the twentieth century, the World Health Organization sought to urge the use of alternative medicine in the treatment of many diseases because of its characteristics that make it superior on medical drugs, the most important of which is that it has no side effects.The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Fashareen on the regulation of blood pressure. Material and Methods: The study was designed to include hypertensive patients, where 30 participants were taken from OPD of government and private hospitals in Faisalabad according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study. Consent was taken from individuals for an assessment and intervention procedure. A recommended dose of 1 tablet of Fashareen twice a day was given to the patients in 12 hours apart period, and after that, we collected the data again from the patients e.g Blood pressure and heartbeats. Results: Significant change in blood pressure values after the treatment in a group in addition to a significant decrease in heart rate values after the treatment in a group. Conclusion: Fashareen is quite effective in controlling blood stress.

Author(s): Bin Zhao1*, Xia Jiang2

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