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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Stage 4 Cholangicarcinoma bile duct cancer testimonial.

 Oncologists have given up treating the patient due to its

complications. Since it was a stage 4 cancer, the cancer cells have reached liver from the bile duct. Clinical Impression: Cholangiocarcinoma with multiple liver metastases causing billary obstruction. Patient also was suffering from Jaundice due to high level billurbin level in gallbllader. Below were the complications given to our team for healing?

  • Bile Duct Blockages
  • CANCER cells in the bile duct and liver
  • Tumour of 6.5 cm in the bile ducts and liver
  • Poor appetite & nausea
  • Gallbladder issues (dysfunction and high level of billurbin)
  • Disturbed sleep/inadequate sleep

Our Solution:We have suggested patient’s relative that 63 days of both Reiki Distant Energy healing and Mexican Healing (light healing)  methods to heal the cancer.  We have developed LV2CCD inhouse cancer healing product to heal the cancer. This is a product (a set of healing procedures) to be followed by healers when healing a cancer disease. Within 1st Reiki Distant healing and Mexican healing, we could see the drastic result in patient’s recovery. We are currently continuing with our healing procedures. However, we have received positive feedback in terms of patient’s recovery.

·         Significant improvement in patient’s appetite

  • His nausea stopped
  •  Significant improvement in his sleep
  • His billurbin level went down
  • He was recovering from Jaundice
  • His cancer cells reduced

With the help of our healing product LV2CCD, we could able to carry out the below healing procedures. 

Author(s): Vivek Kamath

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