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Articles in Press

2019: Volume 2, Issue 1

Editorial P.1-1

World Congress on Preventive Oncology

Author(s): Ibrahim Mashaal

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Editorial P.1-2

Market Analysis |Global Women Health 2020 at Rome, Italy

Author(s): Ioannis G Papanikolaou

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Editorial P.1-2

Market Analysis_Oncology Nursing

Author(s): Kathy Nabie

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2018: Volume 1, Issue 1

Case Report P.8-11

Prostatic metastasis from Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.

Author(s): Georgi Tosev*, Viktoria Schuetz, Joanne Nyarangi-Dix, Albrecht Stenzinger, Fabian Stoegbauer, Yakup Kulu, Jan P. Radtke, Dogu Teber, Martin Hatzinger, Christoph Springfeld, Bruno C. Koehler. and Markus Hohenfellner


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Case Report P.12-16

Small cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder successfully managed with palliative radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

Author(s): Bakulesh Khamar


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Research Article P.17-23

Transgelin Protein Expression in Colorectal Cancer: A Clinicopathological Study.

Author(s): Kota Amemiya, Motohiro Kojima, Akiko Nagatuma, Shingo Kawano, Makoto Takahashi, Hiromitu Komiyama, Kazuhiro Sakamoto, Atsushi Ochiai, Masaaki ito


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Letter to Editor P.24-25

Intake of Dietary Fiber as a putative prevention of Colorectal Cancer in Pakistan

Author(s): Laila Tul Qadar, Faryal Tahir, Syeda Zubaria Qamar, Sayed Mustafa Mahmood Shah


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Research Article P.26-30

Cyclin D1 immunohistochemical expression in Sudanese patients affected with prostatic carcinoma in Khartoum state.

Author(s): Muaid Ali Obeid Hadi, Albadawi abdelbagi Talha, Ali Seed Ahmed, Abdairaheem Ali Babiker


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2020: Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-20

FKBP-related ncRNA-mRNA axis in breast cancer

Author(s): Hanchu Xiong, Zihan Chen, Linbo Wang, Xiao-Fang Yu, Jichun Zhou

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