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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Respiratory Medicine (2022) Volume 6, Issue 3

Spontaneous breathing during ventilatory support in patients with acute bronchospasm.

The goal of this study was to see if using APRV with spontaneous breathing as a primary ventilatory support modality avoids cardiopulmonary function decline better than using initial regulated mechanical ventilation in individuals at risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome. With continuous infusions of sufentanil and midazolam, patients were able to maintain spontaneous breathing during APRV. Sufentanil and midazolam and neuromuscular blockade were used to produce the absence of spontaneous breathing. These data suggest that maintaining spontaneous breathing during APRV needs less sedation and improves cardiopulmonary function, probably by recruiting no ventilated lung units, necessitating less ventilatory support and a shorter ICU stay.

Author(s): Santiago Martim

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