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Rapid Communication - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 2

Significant role of laminar and columnary auditory cortex in avian brain.

Scientists and non-scientists alike have long been fascinated by the origins and evolution of the forebrain and mammalian neocortex,* which houses sophisticated cognitive capabilities. For more than a century, the neocortex was thought to be an independently formed structure that was only found in animals. The mammalian basal ganglion, which was assumed to be engaged in stereotyped instinctual responses, was frequently likened to the no mammalian telencephalon. The updated nomenclature of the avian brain recently embraced a significant change in our understanding of the nature of vertebrate brain structure. The avian Welts and dorsal ventricular ridge, two significant telencephalon components, are recognised as being analogous to palatal components of mammalian brains, which supports the theory that the avian telencephalon has a large cortical component.

Author(s): Carter Julian*

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