Journal of Public Health and Nutrition

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Research Article - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2018) Volume 1, Issue 4

Shift work effects on dietary habits and nutrients intake of security guards at Mansoura University.

Introduction: Security guards experience shifts that negatively affect their dietary behavior and nutritional status. Objective: To assess the effect of shift work on dietary habits and nutrients intake among the security guards at Mansoura University. Methodology: A cross sectional study of all (166) security guards at Mansoura University who were exposed to an interviewer-administrated questionnaire for socio-demographic data and occupational history, anthropometric measurement, evaluation of dietary habits and dietary survey. Results: Mean ±SD of BMI (34.6 ± 8.8) and waist circumference (105.1 ± 15.9 cm) were statistically significantly higher among night shift guards than those with other shifts. Number of meals was statistically significantly fewer (2 meals/day) but snacks number was significantly higher (>3 snacks/ day) among night shift guards. Night shift guards had the highest daily carbohydrate and fat intake and lowest daily protein intake with a statistically significant difference with other shifts. They also had the lowest daily intake of iron, calcium and vitamin. Conclusion: Security guards with night shift experienced few meals intake with much snacks during their shift with reduced protein, iron, calcium and vitamin A with increased carbohydrate and fat intake.

Author(s): Abdel Hamied AM, El-Sabakhawi DH, Sultan EA, Elsherbeny EE, Elhadidy SS, El Adl AM

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