Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry

Editorial - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Science and technology of synergism

The negative and positive effects of both synergistic and antagonistic effects can be directed to a certain purpose. The synergistic process can be used in some industrial areas as well as in some areas of health. A synergistic process can lead to new reactions or develop existing reactions leading to significant industrial development such as synergistic catalysis as a positive direction. On the other hand, this process brought about an increase in the negative direction. This behavior was observed in the case of carbon tetrachloride and ethanol which are individually toxic to the liver, but the presence of them resulted in much more liver injury than the sum of their individual effects on the liver. So, we need to define what we want from the synergistic process? This can be achieved by determining our goal i.e. is it the negative or positive effect of both synergism and antagonism?

Author(s): Nasrallah M Deraz

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