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Perspective - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

Role of Human Neuropsychology in the Adult Epilepsy Surgery.

Epilepsy surgery has evolved over the decades, but the goals of epilepsy surgery are basically the same. Resection or excision of sufficient amount of epileptic tissue to eliminate seizures, while minimizing the amount of tissue present to eliminate seizures and maintaining postoperative cognitive function. To this end, neuropsychologists play an important role in adult epilepsy surgery centres. We aim to identify the risks and benefits associated with a particular neurosurgery using multiple expertise, including comprehensive neuropsychological assessment, Wada test and electrocortical stimulation (voice). The information obtained from these procedures will be used by the surgical team along with other medical data to derive a detailed treatment plan for each patient. Several case studies are included to show how these techniques and the data they generate are used for individual patients.

Author(s): Tracey Weiler*

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