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Review Article - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

Review on Nanotechnology Persecute Vital Role of Curative Applications in Medicinal Field and its Ailing Effects

Nowadays, nanotechnology impacts human life every day, and the potential benefits are many and various. In contrast, due to extensive human exposure to nanoparticles, there is an important concern about the potential health and environmental risks. These concerns led to the emergence of further scientific disciplines such as nanotoxicology and nanomedicine. Nano toxicology which is interesting in the study of potential adverse health effects of nanoparticles. While, Nanomedicine, which includes subsectors such as tissue biomaterials, engineering, biosensors, and bio imaging, was developed to study the benefits and hazards of nanomaterials that are used in medicine and medical devices. In addition, a key promise of nanotechnology is for improved healthcare, including potentially revolutionary treatments for cancer diseases (detection of cancer cells at the early stage) and improved drug delivery (such as reducing side effects), reduced inflammation, antibacterial coverings of medical devices, better surgical tissue therapeutic. However, as result to lack of reliable toxicity data, the potential to affect human health still to be a major concern. The purpose of this literature review is to contribute to a better understanding of the principles and processes the science concepts on which nanobiotechnology means and its applications in biomedicine will be discussed as well as to their side effects.

Author(s): Mohamed Sikkander Abdul Razak*

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