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Case Report - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Retinal-vasoproliferative tumor on top of intermediate uveitis as a sole ocular manifestation of multiple sclerosis

Introduction: Intermediate Uveitis (IU) is a form of uveitis that may be caused by infectious and noninfectious diseases. Infections like TB, syphilis and leprosy and systemic diseases like MS and sarcoidosis may be associated with intermediate uveitis. Case report: Male patient aged 17 years old presented with loss of vision in the right eye on examination organized vitreous hemorrhage was detected and the patient denied any history of trauma. During PPV lower pre-retinal fibrovascular mass resembling retinal vaso-proliferative tumor was observed with adjacent sclerosed retinal vessels denoting retinal vasculitis. Examination of the left eye revealed lower retinal vasculitis that was confirmed by fundus fluorescein angiography. Investigations to exclude infections and other causes of retinal vasculitis were done and were completely negative. As the patient complained of previous attacks of headache and tingling neurological consultation was done that revealed the diagnosis of MS and was confirmed by MRI. Conclusion: MS is a rare cause of intermediate uveitis that may lead to retinal vasculitis and retinal vaso-proliferative tumor. Ophthalmologists should consider MS as a rare cause of unexplained vitreous hemorrhage in young patients.

Author(s): Amin El Sayed Nawar

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