Journal of Child and Adolescent Health

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Mini Review - Journal of Child and Adolescent Health (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Results of bullying victimization in childhood and adolescence.

The review included distributed longitudinal and cross-sectional articles that inspected the wellbeing and psychosocial outcomes of tormenting exploitation. All meta-investigations depended on quality-impacts models. Measurably critical affiliations were seen between harassing exploitation and a wide scope of unfriendly wellbeing and psychosocial issues. The proof was most grounded for causal relationship between harassing exploitation and emotional well-being issues like wretchedness, uneasiness, unfortunate general wellbeing, and self-destructive ideation and practices. Proof likewise exists for relationship between harassing exploitation and other antagonistic wellbeing and psychosocial issues; nonetheless, there is inadequate proof to finish up causality.

Author(s): Savannah Min*

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