Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications

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Editorial - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

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This is interesting, but true. As a subject, chemistry is young but the related technology is ancient. Humans have been using it but since the historians have forgotten to record, it has become impossible for us to tell you the exact date and year. Surely they were using various chemical processes even without having any idea of what they were doing but only knew that they were doing those inconsequential experiments to bring more comforts. To day even a kid knows detail about, say, curd, but imagine on those days when the dawn of civilization was not even at the horizon, this particular knowledge was invented by a person or a family following a chemical process even without knowing the forces used to get a complex food like curd! So chemical processes were there by virtue of accidents and some process was initiated as play but all those contributed to pick up a momentum in developing civilization.

Author(s): Asmita Sengupta

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