Journal of Clinical Nephrology and Therapeutics

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Perspective - Journal of Clinical Nephrology and Therapeutics (2022) Volume 6, Issue 6

Renal replacement therapy in geriatric

For senior people, end-stage renal disease has grown to be a significant issue. The proportion of people with ESRD who are 65 or older has increased significantly, and it is anticipated that this growth will pick up speed in the years to come. Patients with comorbid illnesses common in younger patients, as well as physical, psychological, and social problems that occur more frequently in the ageing population, will be encountered by nephrologists treating senior patients with severe renal disease. To help guide judgments about the option to begin dialysis, the choice of dialysis modality, whether to pursue kidney transplantation, and end-of-life care, these difficult concerns must be addressed. This article will cover data on the clinical results of senior patients treated with various modalities of dialysis, outcomes of kidney transplantation in the elderly, and nondialytic care of CKD stage 5 and highlight several prevalent issues faced by elderly patients with ESRD.

Author(s): Laeben Luies

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