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- Biomedical Research (2008) Volume 19, Issue 2

Relationship between paraoxanase activity and lipid levels in ischemic stroke patients

Ischemic stroke is the major killer and is the most important cause of morbidity and mortal-ity world wide. The increasing incidence is due to hypertension, stress of life,obesity, lack of exercise and other factors. We attempted to determine an independent association of paraoxanase with ischemic stroke patients. The lipid profile and serum paraoxanase were investigated in 100 ischemic stroke patients and 100 control subjects. A significant increase was observed in the concentration of total cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipopro-tein in ischemic stroke patients. The activities of paraoxanase (PON) and high density lipo-protein concentration decreased in ischemic stroke patients compared to controls. A paraoxanase was an independent (p<0.001) risk factor for ischemic stroke patients along with lipid profiles. PON activity should be evaluated in all ischemic stroke patients in the absence of traditional risk factors.

Author(s): Purnima Dey Sarkar and Sushree S. Rautaray

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