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Research Article - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Refractive effects of the spherical or aspherical profile of the anterior surface of a contact lens

Significance: This case report highlights the impact on vision and refractive results with a scleral contact lens (SCL) when its anterior surface has a spherical or aspherical profile. Purpose: To analyze the problems found in a case adapted with SCL and high diopter power when replacing the contact lens (CL) that was used with an aspheric anterior profile, by mistake, with a spherical anterior profile. Case Report: The clinical case of a patient with keratoconus and a contact lens user since 2015 is presented. After a replacement of the lens with the same parameters as his conventional lens (central thickness of 300 µm, DK of 100 sweep, sag of 4,400 µm and a sphere of -18.25 diopter), refers to a significant decrease in visual acuity (from 6/6 with the conventional lens to 6/30 with the new lens). After analyzing the power profile with NIMO TR1404 and topography, it was discovered that the patient had been using a CL with an aspherical anterior surface and when placing the new order, it was not noted, so the supplied lens had a spherical anterior surface. Conclusion: In the adaptation of CL with high powers, the spherical or aspheric profile can have a significant impact on vision, as observed in this case

Author(s): Clara Martinez-Perez

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