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Short Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2022) Volume 6, Issue 11

Purchase less, purchase luxury: Knowledge and overcoming product sturdiness forget for sustainable intake.

The concept of “new luxurious” has challenged the traditional advertising of luxurious goods as prestigious, main to more expansion of mass luxurious meaning. This has become greater obvious because the outbreak of COVID-19, which has been a catalyst for consumption in the luxury marketplace. This paper investigates the mass advertising of luxurious items and explores the essence of masstige luxury consumption since the outbreak of COVID-19. An interpretive technique turned into conducted based on semi-established, in-intensity interviews with 31 individuals. It analyses four issues of mass luxurious: self as content material, self as process, self as context, and self–different. We in addition argue that the mass consumption of luxurious reduces cognitive dissonance, with the pandemic resolving the dark facet of conventional luxury intake. Our findings provide vital insights for each scholars and practitioners inside the improvement of greater holistic information of masstige in the post-COVID technology.

Author(s): Yan Zing

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