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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 21

Protective effects of Kuntai capsule on the rat ovarian function of frozen-thawed transfer

Objective: This paper investigated the effects of Kuntai capsule on rat ovarian function of frozen-thawed transfer.

Methods: 85 female C57BL/6 mice are selected for this study. 17 of the mice are marked as the Normal Control group (NC). The rest of 68 are selected to set a novel accelerated aging ovary model via superovulation then via randomly separating the mice into four equal groups. One group is marked as Model Group (Mod). Other three groups are intragastrically administered with high (1.5 g/kg), middle (1.0 g/kg) and low (0.5 g/kg) dosages of Kuntai capsule every day for 3 weeks. Ovarian function is appraised via sex hormone level experiments.

Results: Mod group clearly presents worse ovarian function comparing with the NC group. Some improvement is gained after Kuntai capsule treatment. Enzyme immunoassay for 17 β-estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P) have statistical significance.

Conclusions: This study created a new model for investigating the effects of Kuntai capsule on rat ovarian function of frozen-thawed transfer. These results suggest that superovulation may create a new model. More importantly, Kuntai capsule may regulate the anti-apoptosis pathway to protect the growing follicular quality, allowing recovery of the endocrine and reproductive ability of the aging ovary.

Author(s): Zhang Liang, Zhang Jianwei

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