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Abstract - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Protective antioxidant effects of Polyphenols extracted from the French medicinal plant Antirhea Borbonica on cerebral endothelial cells exposed to Diabetes-related Hyperglycemia

 Type-2 diabetes promotes vascular complications, leading to neurological disorders such as stroke. Indeed, hyperglycemia alters the blood-brain barrier integrity by deregulating the cerebral endothelial cell function. Oxidative stress may play a causal role. Thus, the biological effect of plant polyphenols known to exert antioxidant capacities is of high interest. We evaluated the effect of polyphenols from the medicinal plant Antirhea Bourbonic referred in the French Pharmacopeia for antidiabetic properties, on the production of redox and vasoactive markers from cerebral endothelial cells exposed to hyperglycemia. Polyphenols extracted from Antirhea Bourbonic were identified by UPLC-MS method. Then, their action on murine bEnd.3 cerebral endothelial cells exposed to hyperglycemia was determined by measuring the intracellular levels of free radicals (DCFH-DA assay), SOD activities (enzymatic assay) and the production of redox and vasoactive molecules (RT-qPCR, DAF-FM assay).

Author(s): Dr. Angelique Arcambal

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