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Research Article - Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutic Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Promote healing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities of Jinjianling cream

To study the healing effect and anti-inflammatory effect of Jinjianling cream on skin lesions, and to investigate the antibacterial activity, which proved that the preparation is safe and effective. The mouse scald model was established to observe the wound healing time and wound healing rate of mice, serum levels of TNF-á and IL-1 were measured by ELISA method. The model of eczema in mice was induced by DNCB, and the degree of ear swelling in mice was calculated. The hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining was used to make pathological sections and count inflammatory cells, and the change of serum IL-2 level was determined by ELISA method. The bacteriostasis rate was determined by pour plate method, the diameter of inhibition zone (DIZ) was determined by filter paper diffusion method and the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined by double dilution method. After treatment, the effect of Jinjianling cream groups on the healing of damaged skin in scalded mice was significant, the serum levels of TNF-a and IL-1 decreased, which were lower than those in the model group (p<0.05, p<0.01). In the mouse eczema model, the degree of ear swelling improved significantly, serum IL-2 level was decreased, and inflammatory cell count was significantly than the model group (p<0.05, p<0.01). The results of antibacterial experiments showed that bacteriostasis rate was positively correlated with drug concentration. The DIZ values of bacteriostatic circle on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were 17.25 mm and 25.62 mm, moreover, The MIC values of two kinds of bacteria all were 64 g/mL. Jinjianling cream can promote the healing ability of damaged skin and reduce inflammation of wound. It also has a strong inhibitory effect on wound pathogenic bacteria, can significantly improve wound healing and effectively treat dermatitis, eczema and other skin disease, and the relevant mechanisms need further study.

Author(s): Wu Zhao, Ming-yang Qiu, Cui-xia Ma, Pei-han Gong, Yu-ting Liu, Ming-ming Yan*, Shuai Shao, Da-qing Zhao

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