Biomedical Research

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Case Report - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 11

Primary mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma in the kidney

Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT) lymphoma, accounting for about 5% of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, arises in a number of epithelial tissues, mostly in the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, ocular adnexa, thyroid and salivary glands. MALT lymphoma primarily arising from the kidney is extremely rare. Here we report a case that was admitted to our institution due to left hydronephrosis and was finally diagnosed as primary renal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma. The patient was treated by radical nephrectomy and postoperative chemotherapy.

Author(s): Hong-Chao He, Jun Dai, Hao-Fei Wang, Yu Zhu

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