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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions among diabetic patients in south kerala, India.

Aim: To evaluate the prevalence of oral mucosa lesions among diabetic patients in, South Kerala, India. Methods: A cross- sectional observational study was conducted among diabetic patients (n=75), aged between 10-80 years, who visited a dental college during a one month period. They were interviewed regarding the history of diabetes mellitus, any abusive habits like smoking, chewing tobacco or alcoholism. Patients with type I and II diabetes were included in the study. Smokers, ex-smokers, alcoholics and patients with immunosuppressant disease associated with diabetes were excluded from the study. Gingival and periodontal diseases were not taken into account. Result: Among the 75 diabetic patients, 50 (67%) were females and 25 (33%) males. Most of them were between the age group of 61-80 years. Most of the patients (57, 76%) subjects had oral mucosal lesions. Denture stomatitis observed in 18 (24%), followed by angular chelitis in 11 (14.6%), fissured tongue in 9 (12%), lingual varicosities in 7 (9.3%), sialosis among 5 (6.6%), xerostomia in 4 (5.3%) and oral lichen planus in 3 (4%) subjects. Conclusion: Denture stomatitis, angular cheilitis, fissured tongue and lingual varices are the common oral lesions; mostly associated with type II diabetes.

Author(s): Anuna Laila Mathew, Mathew Pothen Daniel, Sunu Alice Cherian and Biju Baby Joseph

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