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Perspective - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Precision neurology development process implements systems theory with system biology and neurophysiology.

The Accuracy Neurology advancement handle actualizes frameworks hypothesis with framework science and neurophysiology in a parallel, bidirectional investigate way: a combined hypothesis-driven examination of frameworks brokenness inside particular atomic, cellular and large-scale neural organize frameworks in both creature models as well as through tests for the convenience of these candidate energetic frameworks biomarkers in several infections and subgroups at diverse stages of pathophysiological movement. This translational inquire about pathway, which can collect multimodal information from advancing asymptomatic, preclinical and clinical Neurodegenerative Infection (ND) populaces, inside the wide nonstop organic and clinical range of ND, applying high-throughput and high-content innovations combined with effective computational and factual modeling instruments, pointed at distinguishing novel broken frameworks and prescient marker marks related with ND.

Author(s): Hampel Honas*

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