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Rapid Communication - Journal of Molecular Oncology Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 3

Post-treatment neuroendocrine outcomes among pediatric brain tumor Patients: Difference between proton and photon therapy.

Pediatric brain tumor patients are helpless to radiotherapy (RT) sequelae counting endocrinopathies. We compared post-RT neuroendocrine results between pediatric brain tumor patients getting photons (XRT) versus protons. Employing a tentatively kept up single-institution database, we analyzed 112 pediatric essential brain tumor patients (80 XRT, 32 PRT) from 1996- 2019. Patient/treatment characteristics and endocrinopathy analyze (development hormone lack (GHD), sex hormone insufficiency [SHD], hypothyroidism, and prerequisite of hormone substitution (HRT) were gotten through chart audit. Univariable/multivariable calculated relapse recognized neuroendocrine result indicators. Time-adjusted penchant score models accounted for treatment sort. Craniospinal light (CSI) patients were assessed as a sub-cohort.

Author(s): Lucas Anthony

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