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Research Article - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2023) Volume 6, Issue 10

Physicochemical, Sensory and Antioxidant Characteristics of Biscuits made from cooked and germinated lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) flour

The work studied the effect of cooking and germination on the proximate, sensory and antioxidant activities of biscuits baked with composite flour of wheat and lima bean seeds. Germination was done in a controlled dark chamber (100 % humidity and atmospheric temperature), both cooked and germinated sample was dry milled and sieved for baking at 180oC for 20-25 mins and cooled. The result revealed that the crude protein, ash, and fibre content of the germinated sampled biscuits were significantly (p<0.05) higher than the cooked samples. Germination increased the phenol, flavonoids, hydroxyl radical, and total antioxidants significantly (p<0.05) in the biscuits produced with a germinated samples than the cooked sample. The biscuits produced with a germinated lima bean seed gave higher values of phenol (0.617- 0.788 mgGAE/g); flavonoids (0.575- 1.44 mgRE/100g); DPPH (13.12 to 28.66 ?g/ml); hydroxyl radical (59.66- 76.62?g/ml) and FRAP from 0.754- 1.553 Fe2+/mg.While biscuits produced with the cooked sample has phenol content as (0.493- 0.610mgGAE/g); flavonoids (0.364 ? 1.279 mgRE/100g); DPPH (7.86 -15.90?g/ ml); hydroxyl radical (51.28- 76.42?g/ml) and FRAP (0.717- 1.122 Fe2+/mg). Sensory analysis reveals overall acceptability at 20% substitutionas adequate comparablein terms of crispness, color, texture and taste. Biscuits from lima bean seeds have phytochemicals with potential antioxidant activities for disease prevention.

Author(s): *Adebayo SF, Okoli EC and Abraham FM

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