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Short Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2020) Volume 4, Issue 5

Perception Of Banksâ?? Branding And Customer Satisfaction In The Nigerian Banking Industry

 Branding is common in industry to differentiate services and is employed in finance industry where it is used to distinguish services offered by different banks. The major of objective of the study was to determinethe elements of bank branding culture that leads to customer satisfaction and retention in the Nigerian banking industry. The study rely on the surveyquestionnaire served to critical professionals who relate and work with the industry and are of managerial status. A response rate of 65% was achieved. Reponses were analysed using regression of the ordinary least squares and Spearman rank correlation. The results and outputs indicate that, there is indeed a branding culture in the Nigeria banking system and the critical variables that drive branding culture are staff, employee and innovation that were highly significant in the analysis. Services familiarity and popularity were significant to a less degree. The study recommended the employment of qualified staff and that good and adequate training to the made available to them to increase their ability to offer unique services that would differentiate the banks services in the market. 

Author(s): John Walter

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