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- Biomedical Research (2009) Volume 20, Issue 1

Oxidative stress, serum homocysteine and serum nitric oxide in different stages of chronic renal failure

Chronic renal failure is accompanied by oxidative stress, which is caused by reactive oxygen species and impaired antioxidant defense. In this study we investigated oxidative stress in chronic renal failure patients. In the present study, 150 CRF patients and 50 healthy controls matching age and sex were included. We have estimated serum lipid peroxidation, serum superoxide dismutase, serum nitric oxide and serum homocysteine in different stages of CRF and healthy individuals. Af-ter 12 hours overnight fasting blood samples were collected taking aseptic precautions in plain bulbs. The statistical method used to compare the data was ‘Z’ test. The results show that the mean levels of serum lipid peroxidation and serum homocysteine was elevated (P<0.001, P>0.05) elevated in different stages of CRF as compared to that of controls. The activity of serum superoxide dismutase and nitric oxide were reduced (P<0.001, P>0.05) in CRF as compared to that of controls. These parameters may be impor-tant with respect to the high morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disorder found in patients with chronic renal failure.

Author(s): Nitin S. Nagane, Jayshree V. Ganu, Rajeev Gandhi

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