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Short Communication - Journal of Fisheries Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

Overview of benthos

The benthos is comprised of all the organisms that live at the bottom of a body of standing or running water. The layer that the benthos possess is known as the benthic zone, which is the most lowest layer of a lake, ocean, stream, or waterway. This zone, obviously, goes from the shallow deapths where water meets land, to outrageous profundities that people have not yet had the option to investigate. Benthos, thusly, fluctuate incredibly, and can either be noticed creeping, tunneling, swimming close to the base, or staying attached to the substrate. Many tend to rely on food sources that sink down to the base, like inorganic matter and dead creatures, yet the benthos likewise feed on each other. The zone over the benthic zone where life forms that swim or float the pelagos are found is known as the pelagic zone.

Author(s): Ma Yuxin

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