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Research Article - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Oral serum bovine immunoglobulin improves IBS-D symptoms analyzed from patient medical charts.

Purpose: To examine clinical practice effectiveness of a medical food containing serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin (SBI) for the management of symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D) patients.

Methods: From 165 IBS-D patient medical charts [mean age=59.6 years (range: 19-98), female (n=109), Caucasian (n=144)], recorded daily stools/consistency, abdominal pain, and patient/ physician reported quality of life (QoL) scores were retrospectively collected on those prescribed SBI for a minimum of 8 weeks. A generalized estimating equations model was used to analyze and compare changes for scores of symptoms and QoL.

Results: Where data existed in charts, 46% of patients on SBI had a combined mean score reduction in daily stools, improvement in stool consistency (Bristol Stool Scale from >5 to <5) and decrease in abdominal pain (?30%). Significant improvements (p<0.001) in individual symptom and QoL scores with a high response were also reported for daily stools (76%), consistency (78%), abdominal pain (69%), as well as patient (79%) and physician QoL (73%). Eleven patients experienced 13 adverse events (AEs) while receiving SBI with nausea (n=6) most prevalent. No serious AEs were reported, but 4 patients discontinued SBI.

Conclusion: In this retrospective chart analysis of IBS-D patients who took a medical food containing SBI for 8 weeks, there were statistical improvements in daily stool number, stool consistency, abdominal pain and QoL scores supporting its use IBS-D.

Author(s): Larry Good, Audrey Shaw, David Wei, René E. Vasquez, Raymond Panas, Brooke Jackson, Tim Bradshaw, Bruce P. Burnett and The SBI Retrospective Study Group

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