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Special Issue Article - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

On the use of fast-HPLCDAD for the analysis of cannabinoids: A quantitative method

 Forensic laboratories commonly use GC-MS for cannabis research, as they do for a variety of other products. Even though GC has many benefits, it has limitations when it comes to analysing thermally instable materials, such as THC-A and??9-THC.  In the GC injector, both compounds degrade. After that, a fast-HPLC-DAD methodology was proposed to achieve efficient separation of major cannabinoids in 5 minutes and to provide accurate THC quantification in plant extracts. The validation procedure was also carried out in accordance with international standards, with excellent accuracy being noted.

With the legalisation of recreational cannabis in Canada and medical cannabis in many other countries, a slew of analytical laboratories specialising in cannabis research have sprung up to meet the demand. Because of the lack of standardisation in cannabis research, a wide range of approaches have been used, which has undoubtedly led to the high variability of findings between testing laboratories. However, organisations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the United States Pharmacopeia are working to establish systematic methods to help address this issue. 

Author(s): Ecole des Sciences Criminelles

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