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Abstract - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

Old Damascus Travel Industry and Patrimony

Damascus is the most established possessed city on the planet with a history going back over 9000 years. Old Damascus exists in the dividers of the recorded city of Damascus. Damascus is described by its hundreds of years old structures and heavenly places, which are images of religions. Damascus' engineering is remarkable in its Damascene style, its recorded markets, its excellent houses of worship and it?s amazing mosque, which is a symbol of design. In any case, old Damascus experiences a few issues that influence its authentic appearance and the travel industry division experiences shortcoming because of absence of consideration and care of verifiable landmarks and the travel industry advancement in extent to its recorded significance. The most significant of these issues will be examined in this paper and will give a few intends to build up the travel industry segment to help animate the travel industry in Damascus to return as it was the Pearl of the East. The appearance and development of tourism planning has been linked to the appearance of tourism as a cultural phenomenon - in terms of behavioural and socio-economic phenomena on the other hand. Contemporary tourism has gained great importance since it has not received human activity in any of the earlier eras. However, heavy tourism activities have brought about economic, social, cultural and urban consequences and have had a significant impact on the lives of communities and peoples, drawing attention to the need to organize, monitor, guide and evaluate such activities. To reach desired goals quickly and maturely. Considering that Old Damascus has unique, archaeological and natural tourist resources, it is necessary to identify them, thus increasing national income through the entry of foreign exchange, as well as its contribution to creating new jobs to raise the standard of living. Author(s): Alabrash Zahra

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